Talent Development system

We help our employees become leaders who are able to execute various tasks using their data skills and expertise in the company’s business and his/her specialization, and drive the company’s growth by creating new value.

  • DC (Domain Competency)

    Competency that entails knowledge/technology/know-how required for cooperation based on the understanding of the company’s business model (includes job and leadership competency).

  • DS (Data Skill)

    Competency to induce business insights using the data accumulated by the company (ability to read and analyze data).

A training system designed to improve DC (Domain Competency).
  • Leadership
    Strategic leaders

    : We help strengthen the leadership competency expected of different ranks to create competent leaders who can help us achieve mid- to long-term goals and lead our growth.

    Next-generation leaders

    : We educate and train prospective leaders who have the eye to discover new business opportunities and are capable of leading our business strategically. We find talented individuals with outstanding capabilities to help them become next-generation leaders in management.

  • Job
    Job-specific expertise program

    : We offer programs that employees can participate in voluntarily, regardless of their position. We equip them with a thorough understanding of the business, thereby helping them become competitive experts in their field.

  • Common
    On - Boarding

    : We ensure new employees can quickly adjust to the new environment with a sense of ownership and pride to create results.


    : We support employees in performing roles appropriate for their position before and after promotion.

    Organizational culture

    : We create a culture of friendly cooperation in order to help create better results.

Training system to improve DS (Data Skill)
  • DT Leadership

    We help our employees become leaders who can flexibly and preemptively respond to variables in rapidly changing industrial ecosystems.

  • Data Analysis Expert Track

    We train talented individuals who can freely leverage/analyze big data within the company so that they can efficiently solve problems at work and create business values.