About Company

Valuable Partner in Metals & Materials

“A reliable business partner that offers outstanding and sustainable values to our global customers both in the non-ferrous metals industry and key materials for emerging industries.”

강을 건너는 크루즈 이미지 강을 건너는 크루즈 이미지

Since 1936 we have been grown mainly as a sizable global leading copper smelter and refinery in Korea. On top of that, in recent years we are dedicating to new concept of digitalized smart factory in copper smelting industry at Onsan smelter and refinery. By incorporating new digital technologies and AI algorisms throughout entire production processes, we have been facilitating new growth for future since 2016. In addition, in 2022 we began to take a new journey with new company name of LS MnM towards actively participating in growing industries such as green energy transition and circular economies. Using our core competences obtained from copper smelting business, we are going to expand our business into essential materials required in the key industries of the future, namely EV battery materials, semiconductors, and photovoltaic power generation. Our new company name “MnM” stands for Metals and Materials. All of our employees are dedicated to becoming ‘reliable and valuable partner’ that are trusted by all stakeholders in the global metals and materials industries. On the other hand we recognized that ESG is one of most important agenda of top management for a sustainable growth. We also have been proactively incorporating global standards of ESG practices to daily operation. We are going to accomplish the sustainable goals by setting-up and enhancing practical framework and roadmap for net-zero by 2050.