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We begin to take our new journey
with new company name of “LS MnM”
to sustainable humanity and tomorrow
and we make strong commitment
to become your Valuable Partner
in metals and materials industries.

Welcome to LS MnM!

As a company specialized in non-ferrous metals and materials businesses, we pursue a sustainable and long-term growth. Our company name “MnM” stands for Metals and Materials, two business areas that drive our growth. Having started in 1936 as Janghang Smelter, Korea's first non-ferrous metal smelting facility, we have since grown into one of the top-tier global smelters in the non-ferrous metals industry. Despite the many challenges and obstacles we have had to face over the past 90 years, we have reached where we are, successfully overcoming them with our wisdom and determination.

Industrial development requires high-quality materials, on top of non-ferrous metals. We create unique values by producing metals and materials that are of the world's best quality. We have been supporting the Korean economy by supplying top quality products that are essential to the industry. Throughout this journey, we have diligently practiced global standard ESG across the company's environmental, social, and governance areas. We are devoted to creating bigger, better values through ESG as we work with relevant stakeholders.

We are also pursuing ESG-driven digital transformation with the commitment and dedication of our employees. Through this, we hope to become a truly valuable partner in metals and materials to our customers. We thank you for your continued support in our new journey.

January 2023
Stuart Doh, CEO