• Gold (Au)
    Gold (Au)

    The gold produced by LS MnM is guaranteed to be 99.99% in purity. LS MnM is the only Korean manufacturer registered on the Good Delivery List of the globally recognized London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM). In 2012, we introduced LS Gold Bars (1kg, 100g, 10g) for the general consumer. The gold bars produced by LS MnM are acclaimed for their high quality, making them popular for investments as well as for gifts.

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    • Production capacity

      60 t/y

    • Uses

      Jewelry / Electronic materials / Dental materials / Foil / Plating

    • Purity


    • Specifications

      Properties Unit Specifications
      Au % > 99.99
      Impurities Fe, Pd, Pb,
      Ni, Sb, Zn
      ppm < 50
      As ppm < 30
      Cd ppm < 25
    • Shipping type

      For wholesale 12.5 kg, 1 kg
      For retail 1 kg, 100 g, 10 g
  • Silver (Ag)
    Silver (Ag)

    With the highest thermal and electrical conductivity out of all the metals, silver has a wide variety of uses. Used across a variety of industries, the silver produced by LS MnM is listed in the Good Delivery List of the globally recognized London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), which is proof of its excellence in quality. LS MnM's Onsan plant produces silver products in the form of granules and 30kg bars.

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    • Production capacity

      1,200 t/y

    • Uses

      Jewelry / Solar cell electrode material / Electric and electronic electrode material

    • Purity


    • Specifications

      Properties Unit Specifications
      Ag % > 99.99
      Impurities Pd ppm < 20
      Cu ppm < 15
      Fe, Pb ppm < 10
      Bi ppm < 5
      Te ppm < 3
    • Shipping type

      Granule, 30 kg bar
      Bar Size Width 310 mm
      Length 140 mm
      Depth 78 mm
      Weight 30±2.0 kg
  • Platinum (Pt)
    Platinum (Pt)

    Produced mostly from copper ore, nickel ore, and gold ore, platinum is resistant to heat and corrosion by other chemicals. In chemical reactions, it is used as a catalyst since it accelerates the reaction without changing itself. It is also used in catalytic converters to control exhaust gases because it converts harmful substances from automobiles into harmless compounds.

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    • Production capacity

      600 kg/y

    • Uses

      Catalyst for the purification of automotive exhaust gas / Jewelry / Petrochemical catalyst / Dental materials / Electronic materials

    • Purity


    • Specifications

      Properties Unit Specifications
      Pt % > 99.8
      Impurities Pd ppm < 1100
      Sb ppm < 900
      Fe ppm < 700
      Au ppm < 500
      Bi ppm < 350
    • Shipping type

      250 g ingot
  • Palladium (Pd)
    Palladium (Pd)

    Palladium is a rare element and transition metal belonging to the platinum group, and has properties similar to those of platinum. It is glossy, resistant to corrosion, and bonds well with hydrogen. For this reason, it is used widely in jewelry and dental alloys, in addition to being jointly used with platinum as an automotive catalyst. LS MnM produces 400g palladium ingots with a purity of 99.9% or higher and palladium sponges with a purity of 99.95% or higher.

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    • Production capacity

      3,500 kg/y

    • Uses

      Catalyst for the purification of automotive exhaust gas / Jewelry / Electronic materials / Petrochemical catalyst / Dental materials

    • Purity

      Palladium Ingot : 99.90%
      Palladium Sponge : 99.95%

    • Specifications

      Properties Unit Specifications
      Ingot Sponge
      Pd % > 99.9 > 99.95
      Impurities Au ppm < 500 < 100
      Ag ppm < 400 < 100
      Cu ppm < 190 < 50
      Fe ppm < 1200 < 50
      Pt ppm < 800 < 250
      Mg, Ca, Si ppm - < 100
      Rh, Ru, Ir, Ni, Al ppm - < 50
      Co, Pb, Sn, Sb,
      Zn, Cr, Mn
      ppm - < 25
    • Shipping type

      450 g ingot, sponge (5 kg/plastic)
  • Crude Rhodium (Crude Rh)
    Crude Rhodium (Crude Rh)

    Crude rhodium is a raw material for rhodium, which purifies nitrogen oxides from automobile exhaust. The after-leaching solution generated during the production of LS-Precious Sand contains a 1 to 3 ppm level of Rh. This extremely small amount of Rh is substituted and refined to be turned into crude rhodium in the form of cake. With 1 to 2% in Rh content, our crude rhodium is mainly used as a catalyst for exhaust purification and chemical reactions.

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    • Production capacity

      520 kg/y

    • Uses

      Exhaust purification catalysts / Chemical reaction catalysts / Decorative plating, etc.

    • Shipping type

      Packing 2 bag/Plastic (5 kg/bag)