Who We Want

We help them grow into “Entrepreneurs” or “Masters” in the long run based on individual wishes and company development goals.

불이 켜진 전구 아이콘 불이 켜진 전구 아이콘

Domain Experts

Definition Experts in the concerned field, who are capable of independent problem solving and task driving

Objective Team Manager / Executive.

Qualifications Expertise in the relevant field.

넥타이를 맨 사람 아이콘 넥타이를 맨 사람 아이콘


Definition Leaders who can drive the growth of the company responsibly.

Required traits Spirit of challenge and strong desire for achievements.

Objective Executive in the management or administration.

Qualifications Experience in 2 or more areas.

월계수에 둘러싸인 상패 아이콘 월계수에 둘러싸인 상패 아이콘


Definition Top experts in the field to support the company's sustainability

Required traits Willingness to become the most competent expert.

Objective Specialists/Research Experts, Project Experts.

Qualifications Excellent expertise in the concerned field, leadership to take charge of projects.