About Company


LSpartnership is

LSpartnership is about LS people with integrity and the highest competence achieving excellent performance through mutual respect, cooperation and growing constantly with all partners together.

LSpartnership is

the crystalized core value of all LS people’s thoughts and actions and it is the driving force that empowers a new future and sustainable growth.

All of LS people has

common and basic guideline of LSpartnership in the process of daily works and making decisions and also do our best to put our core values into practices such as excellence, integrity, and respect.

  • 악수하는 아이콘 악수하는 아이콘

    LS people deliver differentiated values based on our professional knowledge and experiences.

    Key-Word - Customer-Oriented - Infinite Challenge - Value Creation
  • 저울 아이콘 저울 아이콘

    LS people abide by company principles and guidelines and do our best to make fair and reasonable approach in daily works.

    Key-Word - Ethical Mindset - Rationality - Responsibility
  • 트로피 아이콘 트로피 아이콘

    LS people respect the value of diversity and willing to collaborate for mutual growth.

    Key-Word - Open Communication - Fair Opportimoty - Growing Together

Application of core values

We believe that it is really important to apply our core values in our daily works and in the process of making decisions. We are urging to do our best efforts to achieve this goal.


- helps LS people align their goals in one direction

- offers a guideline for our decision making and actions

- drives work engagement and collaboration, thereby creating greater value.

Greater Value Together

- By putting LSpartnership into practice, LS will contribute to prosperities and wellbeing of our people, customers and society.