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    GRM 로고 GRM 로고

    GRM (Global Resources and Materials)

    GRM is a metals recycling company, 100% owned by LS MnM, that recovers copper, precious metals including PGM by pyrometallurgical process from various wastes recycled from semi-conductor and electronic industries.
    Established in 2011, the GRM Danyang Plant is capable of processing 80,000~100,000 tons of recycled resources bearing valuable metals per annum and produce 26,530 tons of black cooper, 54,280 tons of slag, and 7,000 tons of gypsum annually. The black copper is sent to Onsan smelter of LS MnM for further smelting and refining process.
    The GRM Cheonan Plant, as pretreatment plant for Danyang plant, processes a large amount of recycled printed circuit boards, electronic products, mobile phones and other non-ferrous metals using cutting-edge crushing facilities.

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    토리컴 로고 토리컴 로고


    TORECOM is a metal recycling company, 100% owned by LS MnM, that recovers precious metals including PGM by hydrometallurgical process from various recycled waste from semi-conductor and electronic industries. It has the largest domestic market share in Korea in the area of hydrometallurgical recycling of precious metals.
    TORECOM delivers optimal recovery rates and perfect analysis performance based on its advanced hydro smelting technology. The company recycles precious metals, such as gold (Au), silver (Ag), platinum (Pt), and palladium (Pd), and processes recycled resources into various valuable materials. In 2023 it extended its business to the battery-grade nickel sulfate (NiSO4), a key material used in EV batteries.

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    선우 로고 선우 로고


    SUNWOO is a company that specializes in the construction and maintenance of smelting and recycling plants. Having various licenses, including a license for the construction of industrial and environmental facilities, the company has a rich track record of many projects related to the construction of smelting plants. It is a total construction company with extensive experience in the construction of power transmission and distribution facilities and excellent technologies.

  • CS마린 로고 CS마린 로고


    CS MARINE is a shipping company that transports copper concentrates and sulfuric acid. It operates M/V CS Onsan, a combo vessel, capable of carrying 33,000 tons of copper concentrates from South America to Asian smelters including Onsan and 25,000 tons of sulfuric acid produced from Onsan smelter.
    LS MnM is purchasing the largest volume of copper concentrates from South America where is one of important markets for sulfuric acid produced at Onsan from copper smelting process.

Subsidiary company in overseas
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    PRM 로고 PRM 로고

    PRM(Planta Recuperadora de Metales SpA.)

    PRM is a precious metals refinery in Mejillones, Chile, established by a joint venture between LS MnM(operator, 66%) and Codelco(34%, a state owned enterprise of Chile) The construction of the refinery in Mejillones was completed in 2017 and it has been processing anodic slimes supplied by Codelco to recover precious metals, including gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. This would be regarded as a successful business models between global copper mine and custom copper smelter to create synergy based on both parties’ technical expertise.