About the company

Company History

Initially established as Janghang Smelter in 1936,
LS MnM has grown into a world-class metals/materials company.
Here are some of the milestones we have accomplished on the way.

A new name, a brighter future

In September 2022, the company name was changed to LS MnM along with a new set of growth strategies that were introduced for the future, when LS Co., Ltd. acquired 100% of the company’s stake.

The company hence began its new undertaking to become a globally renowned, all-around materials company with a specialty in metals and materials.

2022. 09

Company name changed.

In line with the change in its governance structure, the company announced a new name and a new set of growth strategies.

2022. 05

Automated the gold product production process.

The gold product production automation project was completed, which included simplifying the 12-step manual process into a 3-step unit process and implementing automation facilities.

  • 2022

    10 Conducted pilot operation of PSA lines 15 and 16.

    09 Company name changed: LS-Nikko Copper → LS MnM Governance structure changed: 100% stake owned by LS Corp.

    05 Automated the gold product production process.