ESG Philosophy

“Creating Greater Value Together with Our Society”

태양광발전판 사진 태양광발전판 사진

ESG is a must if companies and societies are to grow together.

Businesses that care about the environment, work with society, and put transparent management into practice can contribute to creating a sustainable and happy world.

Having started its ESG management earlier than many others, in 2021, LS MnM acquired the Copper Mark, the only ESG certification in the global smelting industry, for the first time among Asian companies. Even before the certification program was introduced, LS MnM made large-scale investments in environment and safety, while contributing to the development of local communities, protecting the human rights of workers, and putting our ethical management into practice.

See the value and direction of the ESG management pursued by LS MnM and take a look at the future of our sustainability management.