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LS MnM constantly practices organized and systematic safety activities.

Policy & Strategy

Approaches All LS MnM employees actively participate in various activities to cooperate with local communities as responsible corporate citizens. We aim to fulfill corporate social responsibility and make a consistent contribution to the development of local communities. We categorize our social contribution activities into two groups: Future Generations and Local Community People. Based on these categories, we develop support programs and activities that contribute to the development of the local communities, in which our stakeholders can participate.

Social Contribution Policies LS MnM is committed to carrying out supporting activities in line with our social contribution philosophy and ESG declaration in Ulsan where the smelter is located, while focusing on two primary categories: Future Generations and Local Community People. To achieve this, we work closely with local communities and stakeholders through various lines of communication to assess the core needs and demands of our stakeholders.


Supporting the future generations

  • Children’s Science Camp

    We have been hosting the Children’s Science Camp since 2013. The camp gathers 4th grade students from Onsan Elementary School during their summer vacation, and gives them a chance to think about the environment, explore the world of science, and build valuable memories. College student mentors help children grow academically by listening to their intellectual curiosity.

  • LS Dream Science Class

    This is an educational program that teaches science principles in an easy and fun way to 5th and 6th graders. College students majoring in science and engineering who have completed mentoring programs teach classes tailored to the children's level of education. The funny experiments naturally help build interest in school classes.

Local community projects

  • Clean Bus Stop

    The ‘Clean Bus Stop’ project, introduced by Ulsan-si, is a program in which citizens voluntarily tend to nearby bus stops to ensure that they are clean and safe. We disinfect and clean bus stops and conduct safety monitoring at least once a month at the 5 designated bus stops near our business location.

  • Year-end ‘Box of Happiness’

    Instead of hosting an end-of-year ceremony, we dedicate the time and effort for our neighbors. Using the salary bonuses voluntarily donated by our employees and the company's matching grant fund, we prepare and deliver gifts to 100 households, which include the elderly, children, people with disabilities, and multicultural families.

  • Delivering household necessities to the socially vulnerable

    LS MnM, together with Ulju-gun Volunteer Center, selects 200 households for emergency support, which include people with disabilities and the vulnerable, to receive our ‘hope-full’ packages every year.
    Together with the Ulju-gun Nambu Social Welfare Center, we also provide holiday meals and daily necessities to 100 seniors in the local community every year.

  • Communication with the local community

    We secure communication channels with local stakeholders, such as local governments, resident communities, and related organizations, to identify community needs and execute programs through mutual collaboration and participation. We encourage our stakeholders to participate in our programs through collaboration with communication channels appropriate for relevant fields.