LS MnM has formed a professional, independent, and diverse board of directors,
whose goal is to operate a transparent and reliable management system.

IT System Management LS MnM's IT system management aims to play a key role in creating value by integrating digital technology with traditional smelting methods, thereby establishing a distinctive competitive edge as a ‘Digital smelter.’ The data managed under the IT System management is disclosed in this report, and LS MnM seeks transparent communication with our stakeholders.

Policy & Strategy

EA-based System Operation LS MnM has defined Enterprise Architecture(EA) by identifying the components of our business and information systems with the goal of achieving ‘data-based IT system management’ and analyzing the structural relationships and interactions between these components. Through these efforts, we have integrated our IT systems, infrastructure, digital facilities, and sensors to ensure all data is interconnected. LS MnM is strongly committed to sustainable IT system management by upholding technical standards and interoperability in accordance with EA guidelines.

Value Chain Integration and Connectivity LS MnM's IT system includes a Manufacturing System, Working System, and Business Platform based on the EA, all of which are horizontally integrated across the entire value chain from procurement to sales. We are committed to data-based management across all business areas, and we are achieving this by expanding data connectivity to customer areas through the establishment of the Operational Technology(Facility-Sensor-Control) system and the LS MnM Partners Lounge, which is an external business platform.

Data Accuracy, Connectivity, and Reliability We differentiate our company's core competitiveness by ensuring high levels of accuracy, connectivity, and reliability for all data generated throughout our business operations. All business data is stored in an interconnected system, and site information from digital facilities and sensors is automatically collected, aggregated, and processed to ensure real-time data synchronicity and accuracy. We manage all collected data through a normalized procedure, which makes it impossible to alter or delete, ensuring the integrity and reliability of the data.