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HR development

HOMECareersHR Development

“Human” is the most valuable resource

To transform its members as the best experts in their field, LS MnM provides its employees with various educational programs and support.

HR development


For a company’s organic integration and development, both types of people, specialists and generalists, are needed. Specialists have deep, sharp insight on specific fields while generalists read out the trends with outstanding, unique perspectives on wide ranges of themes. LS MnM wants its workers to be one step ahead; it requires them to be Deep Generalists who have expertise in specific fields and at the same time are ‘multi-players,’ able to carry out related tasks


As raw materials import and transaction occur globally and the proportion of overseas direct investment increases, the need for the talented that are able to lead the global business grows day by day.

※ *LS MnM runs job rotation system to raise deep generalists.

Promotion System

Staff - assistant manager - manager - deputy general manager - general manager >