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The World’s First – 2Process in 1Plant
The passion for technology has been acknowledged as the technology representing Korea. Like the last 60 years, LS MnM's technology power will continue to lead the next 100 years. LS MnM's copper smelting and refining technoglogy that fused Flash Smelting Furnace process and Continuous Process was recognized as one of the 100 technologies that lead modern Korea's 60 years of economic development by the National Academy of Engineering of Korea in 2010. Through the establishment of the optimum productivity line using 2 processes in 1 factory for the first time in the world, LS MnM was recognized with its achievement of stepping up to the no.2 electrolytic copper cathode manufacturer.
Copper concentrate that comes through the new port goes through a smelting process and is transformed into purified copper with 99.5% purity.LS-Nikko Copper’s Smelting Plant #1 utilizes the flash smelting process using oxygen-enriched air instead of fossil fuels to smelt copper concentrate. The process involves a ‘flash smelting furnace,’ a ‘slag cleaning furnace’ that collects copper (Cu) from slag, a ‘converting furnace’ that removes iron (Fe) and sulfur (S) from Matte to create 98.5% purity blister copper, and an ‘anode furnace’ which removes small quantities of sulfur and oxygen left in the blister copper.The continuous Mitsubishi smelting process is a method that continuously produces Blister copper from copper concentrate. Because each smelting furnace is connected through a covered ring gate, there is high productivity, energy efficiency, and spatial utility, making it a highly-acclaimed new technology.