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LS-Nikko Copper’s vision for networking LS MnM and its affiliates realize their vision for the world-best networking.

The global network is here for the challenge to be the best.
LS MnM imports copper ores and raw materials from countries worldwide, including Chile, Indonesia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, etc., and sells smelted copper products to domestic and overseas markets. Also, it carries out direct investment on overseas natural resources and urban mines to secure domestic resource competitiveness and stabilize resource supply, and set up branches in various countries to actively cope with the competitive global business environment.

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Canade,USA,Califomia,Mexico,Panama,Peru,Brazil,Bolivia,Chile,Argentina,United Kingdom,Belgium,Germany,Switzerland,Bulgaria,South Africa,UAE,India,Pakistan,China,Shanghai,Thailand,Malaysia,Indonesia,Hong Kong,Seoul,Onsan,Japan,Taiwan,Philippines,Papa New Guinea,Tonga,Australia
Materials transactions areas: Canade,USA,Mexico,Peru,Brazil,Chile,United Kingdom,Germany,Swiss,Bulgaria, South Africa,UAE,Pakistan,India,Indonesia,Japan,Papa New Guinea,Australia
Business transactions areas: USA,Mexico,Peru,Chile,United Kingdom,Belgium,Switzerland,China,India,Thailand,Malaysia,Hong Kong,Japan,Taiwan,Philippines,Australia
Overseas branches: California Office-2860 South East Avenue Fresno, CA 93725, USA, Shanghai Office - Room 3206, Fl. 32, Changcheng Bldg., North Zhongshan Rd. Putuo Dist., Shanghai, 200063, China