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Welcome Read CEO Suk-gu Doh's welcome message.
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Onward to becoming
						the Global No.1 Smelter!

LS MnM, one of the core affiliates of LS Group, is a national leader in the non-ferrous metal industry. Contributing to the development of the global economy by producing copper, various precious metals and rare metals boasting the world's highest quality, It has grown into a global company that achieved nearly 10 trillion won in sales last year. These fruits are our LS MnM indefinitely. The hard work of customers, the government, and business partners who trusted and supported us, and our seniors and fellow executives and employees who worked hard at the production site all day and night. I think it was possible because of it.

However, recently, the global economy is entering an era of low growth due to a decrease in global demand. negative of low growth As a result, metal prices, exchange rates, and interest rates continue to maintain uncertainty and volatility, making the future of the company even more unstable. are making However, all of our LS MnM executives and staff members will continue to work together as one If we innovate the production process and have global cost competitiveness, we will overcome the current difficult business environment and become ‘Global No. We are confident that we can achieve Smelter’s vision.

In order to achieve this vision of the company, all of our executives and staff have established ‘LSpartnership’ based on ‘interest, consideration, respect, and trust’. I will practice. Together with all partners that have a relationship with the company, such as customers, partners, government, investors, and shareholders, We will surely create excellent results for mutual win-win.

I want to contribute to creating a warm society based on the performance of the company to achieve its vision and improve its corporate value. do. In addition, we will do our best to create a great company where all our employees can be happy together.

Suk-gu Doh, CEO